A Defined, Secure Population

The Freedom Smart Card System is a comprehensive plan that, through the use of the Freedom Smart Card technology, combined with physical and electronic border control; enforced employment laws; immigration law revisions and enforcement; and other associated technologies and improvements, our country can be assured of safe borders, a legal population and a supply of legal workers.

The password for today is Freedom – America is the only country in the world that people are fighting to get into.” ~ Allen Ludden, TV Show “Password”, July 4, 1974

Main Features & Benefits

  • Not an Amnesty Plan
  • Not “Big Brother”
  • A means to a solution
  • Enforceable Border Security with Border Smart Wall™ technology
  • Tamper-proof Biometric Smart Card
  • Eighteen-level Security Feature – (118:1)
  • Proof of Legal Residency
  • Establishment of Eligibility for Legal Employment
  • Provision for E-Verification of ALL Workforce
  • Nationwide Point of Employment (POE) Smart Card Readers
  • Nationwide Work Opportunity Database
  • Legal access to Medical Healthcare
  • Legal access to Social Services Programs
  • Point of Service (POS) Smart Card Readers
  • Legal Access to Education Opportunities
  • Establishment of Verifiable Timeline as a future Path to Citizenship
  • Trackable and traceable Visa expirations

Confidentiality Notice

The Freedom Smart Card System™ contains confidential information and technology of a proprietary nature.

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Freedom Smart Card™

Basic Assumptions

  1. National Security:  Borders and all persons within those borders must be secure, verifiable and eligible for rights and benefits under the law.
  2. Safety:  All individuals residing within our national borders have a right to live in a safe and secure Country, free from criminal elements.
  3. Immigration: All countries have a right and …

Executive Summary

National Security, Legal Residency, Access to Services, and Employment & Workplace needs will be established, once and for all, under The Freedom Smart Card System™, through the following steps:

  1. Borders will be secured through construction of the Border Smart Wall which incorporates superior wall/fencing technology; electronic detection; physical presence and enhancement of existing …

Fines & Penalties

No fine or penalty shall be imposed upon any individual or organization providingemergency food, emergency assistance and comfort, and/or emergency temporary shelter to any individual(s) who is not yet enrolled in The Freedom Smart Card System™.

For each illegal worker employed, it shall be a misdemeanor, punishable by a mandatory fine of $5,000 for the first offense and $10,000 for each subsequent offense for any employer, business, or household who …

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