The basis for The Freedom Smart Card™ and The Freedom Smart Card System™ revolves around establishing set priorities; resolving conflicting immigration policies and flaws; laying out policy assumptions and setting guidelines for challenges.


  1. Build the Border Smart Wall™, a double-walled, National Security, barrier along the southern border. The northern border will be secured in a similar fashion within 4 years.
  2. The concept for the Border Smart Wall™ is that it ensures that IF any attempt is made to invade our sovereign Nation by climbing over the first wall, the invader will rapidly be trapped, apprehended, photographed and fingerprinted, and deported by border agents without the need for further …


  1. This is an earned, regulated residency and employment program – not an “obligation-free” amnesty program.
  2. Under our current system, it is overwhelming to expect to be able to locate all persons who are here through illegal means; break up families (i.e., children are legal through birth, but parents, other family members or friends are not legal); and/or track, prosecute and deport 12+ million individuals lacking proper entry or expired documentation. Currently the …


  1. Immigration: All countries have a right and a need to control their Sovereign borders and to define desired qualifications, level of growth and means of documentation of visitors, immigrants and/or workers.
  2. Borders: Must be secured for National Security.
  3. Borders: The security must be accomplished by way of the Border Smart Wall™ and through modern technology and electronic tracking devices …


  1. Through implementation of the The Freedom Smart Card System™ the United States will close all opportunities for illegal, uninsured employment; improper access to social services and programs; and inability to obtain other governmentally provided goods & services, all persons not here in the United States, by whatever name or classification, will be encouraged to come forward for fair and reasonable hearings, and they will either comply with The Freedom Smart Card System™ – or leave. Our turf / our rules! …

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