1. This is an earned, regulated residency and employment program – not an “obligation-free” amnesty program.
  2. Under our current system, it is overwhelming to expect to be able to locate all persons who are here through illegal means; break up families (i.e., children are legal through birth, but parents, other family members or friends are not legal); and/or track, prosecute and deport 12+ million individuals lacking proper entry or expired documentation. Currently the risk of deportation is considered very low, therefore individuals do not come forward. This program will cut border invaders off at the point of entry; it will cut border invaders off at the point of service; it will encourage compliance, since the potential for legal residency status will be greater; and any person not in compliance will eventually have nowhere to go, nowhere to elude detection.
  1. Our right (and need) to protect our borders and control immigration is similar to virtually every country in the world. Our Nation is one of the few nations in the world that people are fighting to enter. All avenues for illegal employment and residency will be shut down and replaced with legal employment and legal residency through The Freedom Smart Card System™.
  2. Our right to establish and enforce immigration regulations and policies, as well as enforce compliance with residency regulations, is not dis-similar to those requirements of virtually every other country in the world. Therefore our regulations should mimic those programs that work.
  3. Our enforcement through The Freedom Smart Card System™ must take place on the local level, as well as on the Federal level. Resident aliens must register within the community they reside, and also register each time they move, or upon automatic Visa expiration, enabled through The Freedom Smart Card System™.

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