1. Build the Border Smart Wall™, a double-walled, National Security, barrier along the southern border. The northern border will be secured in a similar fashion within 4 years.
  2. The concept for the Border Smart Wall™ is that it ensures that IF any attempt is made to invade our sovereign Nation by climbing over the first wall, the invader will rapidly be trapped, apprehended, photographed and fingerprinted, and deported by border agents without the need for further judicial review.
  3. The Border Smart Wall™ further secures the border against tunneling or other underground movement, through the implementation of “listening devices” imbedded deep underground along the entire stretch of our Sovereign borders.
  4. The Border Smart Wall™ further secures the borders through high resolution cameras equipped with motion detection sensors; manned air and watercraft; and unmanned drones.
  1. With the physical borders secured, a follow-through program would be implemented to protect the coastlines and waterways with Coast Guard air & watercraft, with ICE agents on board, to further protect our borders against invasion.
  2. The Border Smart Wall™ physical barrier walls will be equipped with gated entry points at regular entry points, featuring flip-up concrete barriers. All individuals and vehicles entering or leaving our Country will be subject to processing through The Freedom Smart Card System™.
  3. Institute The Freedom Smart Card System™ at ALL Federal, State and Local government offices; places of access to Federal, State and local municipality goods or services; Sheriff and Police stations; and all places of employment.
  4. Write legislation on the Federal, State and local levels establishing integrated and cooperative laws and for setting penalties, including those recommended under “Kate’s Law”.
  1. Defund ALL Federal and State aid to “Sanctuary Cities” operating in defiance of Federal and/or State laws and for failure to comply with The Freedom Smart Card System™.
  2. Establish employer access to The Freedom Smart Card System™ readers. ALL employers will be required to be in compliance and in full utilization of The Freedom Smart Card System™ within 6 months of launch.
  3. Prior to continuing or being granted ANY government contracts – on any level – contractors will require certification as being in compliance and for full utilization of The Freedom Smart Card System™.
  4. Establish fast track registration and enrollment in The Freedom Smart Card System™ at every government office – on any level, including motor vehicle and licensing offices; social services offices; and the use of mobile registration vehicles for even the most rural of areas.
  5. Establish both “brick & mortar” and mobile ICE processing centers, to speed registration and verification through, and with, The Freedom Smart Card System™.
  1. Establish rapid-processing ICE centers, staffed by Immigration Judges and Public Defenders, in both “brick & mortar” and mobile ICE facilities, to conduct daily, rapid resolution hearings; establish status; provide Freedom Smart Card™; review prior to deportation or detention of ALL instances of unauthorized invaders or re-invaders; and to conduct appeals.
  2. The Freedom Smart Card System™ will implement a “sunset” feature for every Freedom Smart Card™ issued under temporary work or student Visas. Anyone staying beyond the prescribed time on their Visa will have a useless Freedom Smart Card™ and will be subject to tracking and immediate deportation under the terms of their Visas.
  3. We are comprised, as a Country, mostly of immigrants, drawn from a variety of nations, providing us with a multitude of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and as such, we have a need for implementation towards full integration, mandated by Federal legislation, for the requirement of and the means to teach all residents English as a primary, not a secondary, language.

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