Our current laws are a mess.  Some laws have outlived their original purpose and the original intent of their sponsors; some laws need to be updated to recognize the realities of our society; there are other laws that have yet to be written, and The Freedom Smart Card System ~ A Path to Citizenship™ will provide guidance that will

pass legal muster; but all of the foregoing will be in vain if we allow cities and municipalities to openly mock our laws.

Repeating that this is our modern-day Manhattan Project, all sides, need to sit at a table and discuss not the “why nots” but rather the “how can we make it work together?”

The current rule of law is being mocked openly in over 300 cities – this has got to stop.

The current capture and release policy must be replaced by a capture; photograph, fingerprint and DNA test everyone entering our country without permission, application and documentation.

We can’t un-ring the bell.  We must focus on who is here and why, document them, and apply justice as prescribed by law.

A need to write legislation to address a serious issue is nothing new for Congress – that is what we pay them to do.  Many new laws and processes were written, passed, and signed immediately following the murderous attack on September 11, 2001 – some were deemed to be flawed and were replaced by newer, more realistic laws.

Congress needs to step on the proverbial “Third Rail” of immigration reform, or they will be held accountable by their constituents for the folly of their inaction.

Necessary options for consideration by the legislature:

  1. Modify or sunset certain parts of the 14th The post-Civil War purpose of this Amendment has been warped and changes need to be addressed…going forward.
  2. A law to defund Sanctuary Cities needs to be written, passed and signed.  Rules of Law must be for ALL – not ignored by those who don’t feel like complying.  Try speeding through those Sanctuary Cities and see how your “choice not to obey the speed limit” goes over in their courts!

Our country is at risk.  It is a real, not an imagined threat.  There is no hype!

Instead of waiting for court challenges “smart security” begins with “smart planning” beforehand.  We need to bring together judges and constitutional scholars to develop laws with teeth that will hold up to court challenges.

No one wants to deny anyone their rights – under the law – but to quote Aristotle, in his “The Aim of Man” where he discusses the “highest good” when he writes, “Even supposing the chief good to be eventually the aim for the individual as for the state, that of the state is evidently of greater and more fundamental importance both to attain and to preserve. The securing of one individual’s good is cause for rejoicing, but to secure the good of a nation or of a city-state is nobler and more divine.”

The concept of funding must begin with acceptance of the strategy.  It needs to pass as a final, complete plan.  Too many projects have faced HUGE cost overruns due to lack of proper budgeting.  Payments will be directly linked to performance, adherence to deadlines and the timely completion of each aspect.

Budgeting cannot be piecemeal, there will be no reward for failure – no one gets a “participation medal” and a trophy without winning the race.

After all factors are considered and we receive tacit approval, we will meet with the Congressional Budget Office for a thorough analysis before proceeding

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