Basic Assumptions

  1. National Security:  Borders and all persons within those borders must be secure, verifiable and eligible for rights and benefits under the law.
  2. Safety:  All individuals residing within our national borders have a right to live in a safe and secure Country, free from criminal elements.
  3. Immigration: All countries have a Sovereign Right, an obligation, and a duty to control, protect and enforce their Sovereign borders and to define desired qualifications, level of growth and means of documentation of residents, visitors, immigrants and/or workers.
  4. Borders: The security of our Nation must be accomplished first, and foremost, by means of construction of the Border Smart Wall™ and through modern technology and devices such as The Freedom Smart Card System™.
  5. Immigrants: We are, and must remain, a “Nation of Immigrants”; therefore, immigration should be welcomed, controlled, documented and enforced.
  6. Security: Visitors and those emigrating from other Countries, desiring to enter our Sovereign Nation, must adhere to OUR established and enforced travel, work or student Visas, which will be traceable and revocable through The Freedom Smart Card System™.
  7. Point of Entry:  Documentation at ALL points of entry and exit through the The Freedom Smart Card System™ must be quick, efficient and infallible, and have the means of tracing and tracking visitors who have overstayed their Visas.
  8. Legal residents: All persons residing within our borders must have a Freedom Smart Card™ to establish and protect their rights.
  9. Unregistered Individuals: All persons must become registered by The Freedom Smart Card System™; submit to fingerprint and DNA background checks; and become properly documented and categorized – or leave.
  1. Employers: Employment of any kind, by any individual, whether here legally or not, including improperly documented individuals, must face Federal fines and penalties of a nature so severe, and potentially crippling to the employer’s business and the employer itself, so as to discourage any employer from ever even attempting to avoid or bypass procedures for hiring workers through The Freedom Smart Card System™. It just will not be worth it to try to evade the system.
  2. Individual Penalties: Existing individuals, not currently registered or documented, must be provided a means to earn residency status through an immigration waiting list; must pay reasonable fines and fees for renewing expired and unexpired visas; must pay fair and reasonable fines and penalties for prior unauthorized entry.  Mass deportation is not realistic, but immediate compliance through The Freedom Smart Card System™ is realistic and must be made mandatory.  It must be clear: Our turf; our national security; our rules; our enforcement – PERIOD!
  3. Deadlines:  All other individuals must prove their legality by applying for a tamper-proof Freedom Smart Card™.  This requirement must be accomplished within one year of the program’s launch.
  4. Progressive Penalties: Employers: A timeline for compliance and documentation by all employers through The Freedom Smart Card System™ must be established and enforced.  A  strict schedule of progressive statutory penalties (fine and imprisonment) must be established and imposed. At issue is not “cheap labor” but rather our National Security.
  5. Families:  Under the The Freedom Smart Card System™, families of legal residents, particularly of those born in the United States under the provisions of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution – by whatever name they prefer – ALL must be afforded the means to establish their own legal residency status through fingerprint and DNA background checks; immigration waiting lists; review hearings; and payment of any taxes for unreported or under-reported taxes.

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