Executive Summary

National Security, Legal Residency, Access to Services, and Employment & Workplace needs will be established, once and for all, under The Freedom Smart Card System™, through the following steps:
  1. Borders will be secured through construction of the Border Smart Wall™ which incorporates superior wall/fencing technology; electronic detection; physical presence and enhancement of existing border security and border guards. Strict border law enforcement; severe fines and penalties for encroachment (invasion); and countered with an efficient, legal registration program for establishing residency for legal, controlled immigration will be established.
  2. Border Smart Wall™ is nothing more than a series of protected, controlled points of entriunauthorized immigrantes along land borders with our neighbors, such as international airport and cruise ship terminals.
  3. Employment needs will be fulfilled through a program staffed by legal citizen and non-citizen workers. When unauthorized immigrant hiring opportunities dry up, and only legal employment opportunities exist, the unauthorized immigrants will be forced to register, or leave our country.
  4. Additional revenue will be generated through documented workers paying fair taxes and through progressive fines and other penalties assessed against employers violating immigration and labor laws.
  5. Social programs, including healthcare, general assistance, public school education, residency tuition benefit, etc., will be funded through employer contributions under established employer tax code and withholding taxes, and from all employees.
  6. Residency for every individual within our country will be established, and maintained, through implementation of the tamper-proof 18-level security features of The Freedom Smart Card System™ technology.
  7. English as the official and primary language will be established, and proficiency will be required within a set period of time for all legal citizen and non-citizen residents.
  8. A secure and documented workforce will be created, giving employers and employees alike, equal opportunities, protection and benefits – including access to affordable healthcare.
  9. Through an established legal work force, Healthcare costs will be contained and accessibility to healthcare providers will improve, based on better documentation of all individuals, compliance with worker’s compensation insurance regulations, and minimal employee health plans.
  10. The Freedom Smart Card System™ with the associated technology is a means to access rights and privileges, including but not limited to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  11. Organizations providing temporary emergency food, temporary emergency assistance and comfort, and/or temporary emergency healthcare and/or shelter to any individual(s) shall be specifically protected from prosecution for providing such temporary services to those in need.

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