1. Build the Border Smart Wall, a double-walled, National Security, barrier along the southern border. The northern border will be secured in a similar fashion within 3 years.
  2. The concept for the Border Smart Wall is that it ensures that IF any attempt is made to invade our sovereign Nation by climbing over the first wall, the invader will rapidly be trapped, apprehended, photographed and fingerprinted, and deported by border agents without the need for further judicial review.
  3. The Border Smart Wall further secure the border against tunneling or other underground movement, through the implementation of “listening devices” imbedded deep underground along the entire stretch of our Sovereign borders.
  1. The Border Smart Wall further secure the borders through high resolution cameras equipped with motion detection sensors; manned air and watercraft; and unmanned drones.
  2. With the physical borders secured, a follow-through program would be implemented to protect the coastlines and waterways with Coast Guard air & watercraft, with ICE agents on board, to further protect our borders against invasion.
  3. The Border Smart Wall physical barrier walls will be equipped with gated entry points at regular entry points, featuring flip-up concrete barriers. All individuals and vehicles entering or leaving our Country will be subject to processing through The Freedom Smart Card System™.

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