The Freedom Smart Card, The Freedom Smart Card System, the Border Smart Wall and The Freedom Smart Card System ~ A Common-Sense Path to Citizenship and all of its individual and combined components, and all related products, designs and concepts, have multi-tiered opportunities for the design, creation, production and eventual licensing of the software, hardware, physical structure and all related accessories required for The Freedom Smart Card System as a whole.

Opportunities exist for investors to fund initial key personnel including designers, programmers, engineers, legal advisors and economists to establish the protocol for all segments, with a completion bonus and royalty incentive on the tail end.

From the wall itself, and the security features, to the cards and readers, investors will be needed for the final development stage.  Investors will receive a royalty for this aspect.

Investors can provide seed money for the software development stage through the final beta testing of all levels of software and development of the 18-level security features of the Smart Chip.

Investors will be required to underwrite initial development stage, with royalties based on final roll-outs. Areas include:

  • Main servers on the state and federal level, to verify data as requested by hundreds of thousands of registration points. Registration terminals at each of hundreds of thousands of registration points.
  • Production and outfitting of thousands of mobile registration units.
  • The Freedom Smart Card System creation units (electronic fingerprint scanners, digital cameras, physical card creation units, raw card stock, etc.), at each of hundreds of thousands of registration points. Each unit will be sealed and have black-box technology to eliminate potential for tampering by anyone at the registration points.
  • Card readers at each of hundreds of thousands of registration points to verify and make changes as needed by The Freedom Smart Card System.
  • Point of Employment (POE) readers and Point of Service (POS) readers for The Freedom Smart Card System will be leased to hundreds of thousands of large employers, large healthcare facility and provider locations, large schools and educational institutions, etc.
  • Raw card stock for The Freedom Smart Card System must be produced.

Investors will be needed to underwrite initial presentations.  Royalties will be paid as a percentage of ongoing staffing.

Videos, world-wide presentations and seminars, and on-site training will be developed. Investment opportunities exist for initial development with a royalty for each production or presentation.