Freedom Smart Card™ Ownership Rights and Royalties

The Freedom Smart Card Partners as defined under Intellectual Property Rights will turn their entire works, and their interest, over to the United States government for the total sum of $1.00 USD.  Going forward, The Freedom Smart Card Partners will receive a minimal royalty of ten cents ($0.10) for each and every Freedom Smart Card produced.

Initial run: 323 million Americans, plus “others” (approximately 20 million) @ 10 cents per Freedom Smart Card

Each year the government enables over 1 million individuals to emigrate to our Country, plus hundreds of thousand coming in with Visas (student, tourist, work, etc.).  Each will require a Freedom Smart Card

Plus, on average, 4% of the combined 353 million residents will have an address change each year or some other data change necessitating a new Freedom Smart Card…at .10 per card.

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