Freedom Smart Card and The Freedom Smart Card System™ contain various physical and intellectual property features of a proprietary nature including smart chip technology, biometrics, etc., in conformance with government regulations on Smart Card Technology. Naturally this is protected information and will only be provided to those who contact us directly.

Please complete the inquiry form (see “Contact Us” on Home page) and, after you execute privacy and non-disclosure agreements, we will authorize you to view The Freedom Smart Card System™ in its entirety.

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Physical Characteristics

The Freedom Smart Card™ itself is a standard credit-card-size with various features that are as unique from one card to another as a snowflake.  Everyone is included, no one is excluded, and there is no profiling or singling out of any demographic individual or particular group.

Tamper-Proof Capabilities

The heart of the Freedom Smart Card™ and The Freedom Smart Card System™ is its protection against tampering and espionage through multi-level National Security features providing one quintillion to one (118 : 1) uniqueness.


Once the Freedom Smart Card™ and The Freedom Smart Card System™ is fully implemented, the United States of America will finally be in a position to assure its residents, visitors and lifestyle a new level of safety.

The borders will be impenetrable; all Ports of Call will be protected; and all persons will be well-documented and secure.

Persons in this country on a temporary basis (Tourist Visa’s, Student Visa’s, Work Visa’s) will be issued Freedom Smart Card™ with a self-expiring feature making it void at the end of the Visa’s term.  That individual will be able to be traced and tracked, and if appropriate, deported.


The Freedom Smart Card System™ will provide law enforcement agencies and department with the ability to maintain a secure country, and espionage.  It is vital that steps be taken for National Security and protection against mass unverified migration, invasion and espionage.

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