The Freedom Smart Card System™ will require legislation, line-item funding, and reallocation of existing revenue.  The Freedom Smart Card System™ will not require the creation of a new Federal bureaucracy.  The tamper-proof features of the Freedom Smart Card System™ will only need to “ping” existing databases.


The Freedom Smart Card System™ will require compliance and utilization at every point of service.  With the exception of temporary or emergency care situations, every person will present a Freedom Smart Card™, the ultimate means of verification for employment, social, and all levels of municipal services.


Applying through the Freedom Smart Card System™ will be easier than applying for social services, driver’s license, voter registration or a library card.  Mobile, as well as existing brick and mortar locations, will be accessible and convenient.  Because of the uniqueness of the Freedom Smart Card System™, the cards will be applied for on an extremely local basis, but created and produced on a statewide basis.


Every point-of-service (POS) will require a somewhat standard e-chip-capable device, similar to that now required for credit and debit cards.  The readers will be modified to accept and integrate with the Freedom Smart Card System™. The readers will require nothing more than the now-standard  “dipping” of the Freedom Smart Card™, in order to proceed with a verified service.


We are primarily a country of immigrants; we want to continue to be a welcoming country – that does not preclude us from becoming a “Smart Country”.  Those that mean to do us harm, or desire to violate our sovereign rights, are currently using our laws – and in some cases, an unwillingness to enforce and apply those laws – against us.

Social Media is currently and actively being utilized against us and other peace-loving countries.  When law enforcement is able to track internet communications,

the “bad guys” switch to encrypted messages and in essence, “go dark”.  This is not speculation – it is a hard, cold fact!

Proponents of the move to allow drivers’ licenses for illegal residents proclaim the “benefit” to law enforcement to establish the identities of the driver – fine. Then these same proponents should have no problem with everyone carrying a Freedom Smart Card™, which establishes identity, but on a superior level.

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