Note: Funding timelines are performance-based, so deadlines are interspersed and are not necessarily consecutive to each other.

Once funded, the program will be ready for roll-out according to the following time-line:

National Guard troops will be deployed immediately to protect our borders as it is anticipated that there will be a mad dash to infiltrate our borders due to the impending border security.

Construction of the Border Smart Wall™ a technologically superior wall development will begin within 30 days of funding, along the southern and northern borders.

Aerial surveillance of all borders through additional drones will be increased within 30 days of funding. Once the southern border is physically secure, drones can be freed up to re-enforce the other three borders. When the northern border is physically secure with the Border Smart Wall™, drones will be redeployed to share coverage and protection. It should be noted that physical border security only protects from one ocean to the other; care must be taken to specifically protect against infiltration where the wall meets the sea.

Organizational and Broad Public Awareness Program educating the general public on The Freedom Smart Card System™ will begin within 30 days of funding. This will consist of a series of press conferences, television and radio appearances, conferences with major immigration organizations, labor unions and labor groups, and Public Service Announcement (PSA) spots on all, especially foreign language programs both on radio & television. It should not be a fear campaign of reprisal – and the only people likely to be fearful are those guilty of felonies.

International Awareness Program detailing our need for National Security through implementation of The Freedom Smart Card System™ will begin within 30 days of funding with media promotion and awareness around the world, in all countries, in all languages. It must be made clear that America welcomes “controlled, legal immigration” through a safe and secure process. It should not be a fear campaign of reprisal. We will continue to welcome immigration to our nation … on OUR terms.

Registration of Individuals

Every person in this country, legally or illegally, documented or undocumented, is currently able to access a multitude of goods & services (licenses, registrations, social services, etc.) in their community or region, without undue burden.  The Freedom Smart Card System™ will be even easier and more convenient – where necessary The Freedom Smart Card System™ registration team will come to you at a local community center or gathering place via mobile units.

Equipping Institutions

Although no fine or penalty shall be imposed upon any individual or organization providing emergency food, emergency assistance and/or emergency temporary shelter to any individual(s) not yet enrolled in Freedom Smart Card™, organizations, churches, and charities will be provided with literature and manuals to encourage individuals to comply with and enroll in The Freedom Smart Card™.

Equipping Employers

Employers, by their very nature, conduct their business with the outside world.  For the most part they are capable of getting in their vehicle to reach out to their customer base and vendors.  Nothing will change through The Freedom Smart Card System™. These employers will register for and enroll in through The Freedom Smart Card System™ at a local government office.  They will obtain the reader and any other items that they will require based on the size of their business or businesses and will be provided with a training video or link to an on-line, interactive website.


It is estimated that at least 5% of individuals change their “status” (graduate, move, marriy, divorce, name change, citizenship, etc.) in any given year.  Since one or more of the proprietary18-level security features of a  Freedom Smart Card™ is linked to an individual’s initial status at the time of their initial registration, any material change will necessitate the need for a new Freedom Smart Card™.  This will be hassle-free since most of the verified information is secure.

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